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memoPRINT Quality Management - personalized graphic and photo products

High technology digital

We study and invest in technology. Our international application experts' unique know how gets the best quality results out of the latest technologies.

No more loss of color under UV light - the ultimate light fastness with memo Resulting in a new level of photo and combined graphic reproduction where you can see 'natural' detail such as hair, fibers, leaves, grass, natural skin tones

Flawless color management

Our digital content management process throughout the whole production chain is 100% consistent.

In order words: what you see is what you get!

A proper proofing process between our customers and memo is the foundation to set the expectations right.

Finishing and customers touch and feel

We believe that photos must have photo finishing and therefore enhance and UV - protect all your customers photos!

Unique about the photo book experience is that you hold it in your hand - combined with relentless material optimization we make pages stronger, smoother softer to provide an optimal 'touch and feel' to your customers.

Not only that - quality finishing provides also for a long life!

Product build quality

Most photo books look the same till you know what you are looking for. Here is a small list of some details that optimize the consumer experience.

Spine sizes carefully selected to match the exact book page count and resulting thickness - spines should be square! (oversized spines just look ugly!). Cover corners should be perfectly square.

All photoBOOKs and ALBUMs manufactured by memo are perfectly bound!

We apply uniquely optimized, and customized components and glues - we craft, flexible, lay flat yet durable constructions.

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