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about memoPRINT premium photo albums - memoALBUMs

memoALBUMs are the top-of-the-range quality photo albums by memoPRINT. Differentiated from our memoPRINT photo books, memoALBUMs are built not only by individually bound pages, but by a composition of material layers that give the pages strength and stiffness – those pages are assembled together by memoPRINT hand craft in the most accurate way to get a top quality coffee table album which is usually only available in premium photo album boutique stores. The sleek modern, light, yet durable unique memoPRINT photo album product design is popular among many professional photo studios who are also customers for our professional line of product brands (interested parties, please check out our differentiated exclusive “pro line” offerings via customer service).
Open a memoALBUM page spread and it lays completely flat in front of you. Your images might be as wide as 80cms (on the 40x30 memoALBUM) and will show in perfect 3600dpi detail, gloss or matte finish for optimal scratch and UV protection. Available from small to jumbo sizes and many cover variations. Create and open a memoALBUM – enjoy this amazing experience!